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'Price is Right' Model Claims Sexual Harassment

Lanisha Cole, a former Price is Right model, filed a lawsuit this month claiming whe was wrongfully terminated and sexually harassed by the producers of the show. She isn't the first woman to have these complaints on this show.

In her lawsuit she claims that two of the producers exploited her via "power and control over women by bullying and harassing."

Ms. Cole worked on the show for 8 years until 2010. She claims one of the producers played favorites with a model he was dating and also made up rules that she hadn't known existed and berated her for violating them. One thing she was yelled at in front of the other models that she wasn't wearing a microphone when she should have.

While the show has yet to comment, a past full of complaints — including sexual harassment, racial discrimination, wrongful termination and emotional abuse and intimidation — against Price is Right producers and its longtime former host Bob Barker, depicts an institutionalized attitude that allowed executives to treat models on the show (and female staffers) as second-class citizens.

Although Bob Barker, the show's long time host, had claimed that he wanted to retire in 2007 "before he got old," rumors had begun to surface that he was being pushed out because of a threatened lawsuit of racial discrimination. A mere four months after Barker's final show, Deborah Curling, who had been a contestant screener on Price for 24 years, filed a suit against Barker and the producers. Curling claimed racial discrimination (she is black), sexual and mental harassment and abuse. Curling had also previously testified against Barker in a case brought by a female production assistant named Linda Riegart.

Regardless of whether this case goes forward or not and whether or not the facts are true, even in Hollywood sexual harassment can be a problem. Properly training employees and supervisors in not only smart business but it's also a requirement in California to comply with AB-1825. 


Tennessee City Manager May Need Sexual Harassment Class

In Chatanooga, Tenessee the EEOC has issued a determination that there is evidence that a city employee was sexually harassed and retaliated against. How did this come about? Well the employee filed an internal complaint accusing director of general services manager Paul Page of sexual harassment. The comaplaint was after Page was placed on a "corrective action plan" violating Chattanooga's sexual harassment policies. Page also received a "Last Chance Warning".

Strangely enough after all is said and done Mr. Page remains an employee of the city. It's a wonder that big cities still have these types of problems. Perhaps the city plan Tennesee sexual harassment training for the manager and staff to ensure that this doesn't happen again. 

Wal-Mart loses sexual harassment, retaliation case

A federal appeals court has ruled that Walmart stores has to stand trial in a case of sexual harassment. This occurred at a Puerto Rico walmart, where Madeline Santiago was a supervior for Jorge Perez-Cordero. Apparently she made sure that his lunch breaks were the same as his and she pressured him to lead a romantic relationship with her. Mr. Perez-Cordero apparently wasn't happy with these advances.

Once Ms. Santiago realized, she changed his shifts in a way that was detrimental to his work environment. He had to work the less desirable closing shifts and had to work other bad shifts. He also endured unwanted sexual contact.

Mr. Perez-Coredo did complain to management, but the Wal-Mart store in Puerto Rico did not taken any action. Wal-Mart was sued and the case was thown out on summary judgement. Now the appeals court has overturned the judgement and the case can move forward.

Walmart claims to have, "strong policies against any form of harassment and discrimination and we take these claims seriously." Maybe Walmart really needs additional sexual harassment training!

Former Indiana Sheriff Avoids Jail In Sexual Harassment Case

A sheriff in southern Indiana avoided having to go to jail for sexually harassing two police dispatchers. He was accuse d of touching their breasts without their consent.

Instead, Harrison County Sherrif Mike D. plead guilty to obstruction of justice and instead is under home arrest for a year and a half and then has to spend another 6 months on probation. According to his attorney, "Mike feels very, very badly about what this has done to the community".

In his plea agreement he admitted to fondling the women and then threatened them and destroyed evidence after they submitted a complaint to the police department.

Harris County government ended up having to pay almost half a million dollars in a settlement with the dispatchers. Would it have been easier if everyone in the department just had to take Indiana sexual harassment training?

State Sexual Harassment Training

If you're looking for a sexual harassment training option in your state, please take a look at the available options for you.