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A federal appeals court has ruled that Walmart stores has to stand trial in a case of sexual harassment. This occurred at a Puerto Rico walmart, where Madeline Santiago was a supervior for Jorge Perez-Cordero. Apparently she made sure that his lunch breaks were the same as his and she pressured him to lead a romantic relationship with her. Mr. Perez-Cordero apparently wasn't happy with these advances.

Once Ms. Santiago realized, she changed his shifts in a way that was detrimental to his work environment. He had to work the less desirable closing shifts and had to work other bad shifts. He also endured unwanted sexual contact.

Mr. Perez-Coredo did complain to management, but the Wal-Mart store in Puerto Rico did not taken any action. Wal-Mart was sued and the case was thown out on summary judgement. Now the appeals court has overturned the judgement and the case can move forward.

Walmart claims to have, "strong policies against any form of harassment and discrimination and we take these claims seriously." Maybe Walmart really needs additional sexual harassment training!

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