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Sexual Harassment Class is always working to make sure we stay on top of an in compliance of state laws. On question we often get is how our online training complies with Connecticut laws which require, "Classroom training with the ability to ask questions".

Connecticut Does Allow Online Sexual Harassment Training

When the original law was written in the 1990s the internet was still in its infancy. But since then there has been clarification from the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. Their opinioin is that e-learning can be used for training asto be used for training. They stated in 2003 that:

...the Commission concludes that so long as an e -learning program otherwise satisfies the statutory and regulatory requirements set forth at CONN. AGENCIES REGS. § 46a-54-204(c)(1) and ((2), and provides an opportunity for students to ask questions and obtain answers in a reasonably prompt manner, then such a program does comply with our statutes and regulations.

Since our class does meet these requirements, we are, in our opinion, compliant.

You can read the letter for yourself on the Connecticut government website at: