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Sexual Harassment Class Experts

Sexual Harassment Class was created to meet the needs for employers who are seeking a quality training experience in sexual harassment for their employees. This course is compliant with all AB1825 regulations and is suitable for both large and small corporations. This sexual harassment class was developed by experts. It is a quality learning experience aimed at teaching skills and enhancing the corporate environment to promote a safe workplace. is ideal for employers seeking to meet their legal requirements in providing a sexual harassment class as well as using this course as a proactive intervention to avoid potentially problematic behaviors in the workplace. This online sexual harassment class will include the following: and complies with AB 1825 rules:

  • Be two hours long.
  • Be effective and interactive.
  • Explain prohibitions against and the prevention and correction of sexual harassment.
  • Provide information and practical guidance to participants of the course.
  • Cover relevant federal and state laws.
  • Helps create a greater awareness for supervisors and employees so that they will be able to better understand the consequences of their actions.
  • Include practical examples to instruct supervisors in the prevention of workplace harassment, discrimination and retaliation; and describe remedies available to victims of sexual harassment.
  • Obligate supervisors to identify potential problems and follow the discriminatory harassment policy.
  • Maintain effective communication emphasizing that an individual's words may be received differently depending on the listener's perspective.

Educational Institutions

Sexual Harassment Class is ideal for educational institutions including primary schools, high schools and colleges that wish to implement sexual harassment training in conjunction with their Title IX compliance. Read more about Title IX and Sexual Harassment Training.

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