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Sonic Drive-In Management Needs Sexual Harassment Training

Sonic Drive-In in Los Lunas, New Mexico, has agreed to settle a sex discrimination and retaliation class action lawsuit for $2 million. Over 70 women will share in the class action settlement.

The class action lawsuit said that a manager at Sonic, Robert Gomez, sexually harassed a variety of people at the establishment including women and teenagers. He made many sexual comments and also touched them in a sexual harassing way. In addition if they complained or asked Mr. Gomez to stop the harassment they were subjected to retaliation including loss of work hours. Some in fact had to quit their jobs and seek other forms of relief.

The EEOC find them $2 million dollars for these events. In addition they had to sign a consent decree and may have to train their managers in sexual harassment. 

Sex discrimination, including sexual harassment and retaliation, is a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Employees who are victims of sex discrimination, harassment or retaliation are urged to contact an employment lawyer to discuss their rights. If you feel that somebody at your office is engaging in sexual harassment activities, please contact human resources immediately. Also consider sexual harassment training to make a better more compatible work environment.