No appeal from a woman who was stopped from suing the church for retaliation

by Dr. Ari Novick August 26, 2012

Mary Linklater, a Maryland church official, was not allowed to sue her pastor for allegedly harassing her sexually. The high Court did not give her an opportunity to file an appeal against the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Gaithersburg, Md. Not only that, her retaliation complaint was also thrown to the air by the Court of Appeals of Maryland due to the ministerial exception clause.

This ministerial clause is what shields the pastor from being sued for the sexual harassment case. Though, generally it protects both of them as she is the minister of music of the church. This was the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of religion which is meant to shield churches and their activities. It is to protect them from being affected by some laws especially when their employees are involved. Therefore, it’s not only her case that was thrown to air; the church also attempted to appeal to the court to dismiss her sexual harassment claims but was declined by the Court.

All these scandals involving the honorable Pastor Rufus Lusk III and Mary Linklater would not have come up if they had not neglected sexual harassment classes. Most people think religious employees and employers are saints, and so they cannot be involved in this kind of act, but the issue of sexual harassment extends more than that.

Since they are human beings and to man is to err, no one should think he or she is too religious to enroll in sexual harassment classes. If you think you can never harass an employee sexually, we completely understand. However, think what will happen if you fall victim. It is important for the religious houses to organize these classes for their church officials. Both employees and employers need to be prepared in case sexual harassment happens – even in a church.

One thing that makes this case very strange is the fact that the victim was neither given the chance to file a complaint, nor to talk of given the opportunity of filing a suit against the perpetrator of this act. This is due to the law of freedom of religion which shields the religious houses and their employees. This law will serve as a gateway to perpetrating this act in the religious houses and nothing will be done to it. This is unfair. The victim will be left depressed and also probably will lose his or her job.

This is a one-sided law, and it will surely turn the religious houses to places where nobody should be trusted as there is liberty to do and undo. Another amazing fact about this issue is that the church administrators have not been able to train employees on ways and methods of avoiding sexual harassment. They did, however, go ahead to file an appeal to dismiss the victim’s sexual harassment claims; this is shameful.

They got into a very shameful act just because they failed to organize Maryland sexual harassment classes for their employees at a time when sexual harassment classes are prominent online. Nowadays, they are various online sexual harassment classes that will give you the complete package of sexual harassment avoiding tips without leaving your office or place of work. These classes can be done right in your desired place at your own desired time. These are classes where the church administrators and their employees will learn manners of interacting in the religious houses without stepping on each other’s toes, ways of improving productivity through shunning sexual harassment and a lot of things that will help keep individuals and the religious houses safe. 

Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command Headquarters hold a Sexual Harassment Training

by Dr. Ari Novick August 15, 2012

Penultimate Wednesday, the 18th day of April witnessed a sexual harassment and assault training for military personnel and civilian, as well. This was organized by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) headquarters to its members. It was held as part of the month's Navy's National Sexual Assault Awareness campaign.

This training was held in order to educate the Navy personnel on sexual assault and harassment issues and to teach them ways and manners of avoiding it in the command. It has been observed by the deputy commander of the Navy command that sexual harassment and assault in the command can greatly affect individuals, organizations and also hinder achieving their naval missions. So, they have to fight this menace in the command to save the country.

The fact, that Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command is a special fleet in the US command, does not isolate them from the effects and problems of sexual harassment and assaults. They had to organize these sexual harassment classes in order to create awareness about the act, so that it could be prevented.

Equipped with the understanding of the dangers of sexual harassment and assault in the command, the highest echelon of the Navy command decided to eliminate the menace completely, and also create a good working condition for itself and its employees. In this training, the management of the Navy command was made to know, that it is on them to take up any sexual harassment and assault issue whenever it is brought to their notice. They should make sure they are not negligent about these problems whenever they crop up in the command. Navy officers and their shipmates were told to come together to fight this menace in the command and to keep watch on each other in order to prevent harming one another through assaults and harassments.

More so, as part of the aggressive move of the Department of Navy to prevent sexual harassment and assault in the command, they have promised to give support to sexual harassment victims and also to bring those who are found guilty of this act to book.

In this training, sailors were taught how to intervene into matters when things are going wrong among them, and also people who they have to refer such matters to. It is observed, that an average of one naval shipmate becomes a victim of sexual harassment every day. Even in an environment where there is a high level of discipline, sexual harassment still finds its way. That’s why the only solution is to learn about sexual harassment and ways of avoiding it, irrespective of the kind of environment.

In recent times, individuals, several organizations and institutes realize the importance of educating themselves and their employee about sexual harassment and assault. Most of them are now enrolling into online sexual harassment classes in order to achieve their personal and collective goals. For those institutes and organizations, they have been sponsoring their employees to online sexual harassment classes in order to prevent the imminent danger which may come up due to ignorance of manners of avoiding sexual harassment in the workplace by their employees. They know very well that it won’t only affect their employees but will also affect the company’s productivity and subsequently run the company into a great loss. Sexual harassment classes are now very affordable and accessible. You can register for classes online with a click on your mouse and you will be opened to an ample opportunity of learning at your own convenient time. It’s on you to choose your time and venue. It may be your reading room or even your bedroom, just anywhere your computer is, you can always have your sexual harassment classes.


Bobby Petrino and the Sexual Harassment Charge

by Dr. Ari Novick August 8, 2012

The recent news about the exit of Bobby Petrino as the Arkansas coach could be described as horrible. Not that the step taken by the University of Arkansas was cruel, but the alleged action of the coach was totally uncalled for. Bobby was alleged of sexual harassment with one of the school staff Jessica Dorrell last week. After the school had fired the coach, he claimed not being guilty of the crime.

It is very unfortunate that the issue of sexual harassment is now rampant among high ranked personalities in the society. Not too long ago was a golfer being accused of sexual harassment with a waitress. Many other personalities like former presidents, evangelical preachers, and a lot of public figures were apprehended of this illicit affair.

During the recruitment of Arkansas for the post of athlete development coordinator, out of the 159 applicants who applied, Jessica Dorrell was the only one picked. Therefore, he made her closer to him as she became his student athlete development coordinator. It was then known recently that both Bobby Petrino and Dorrell are into a romantic affair.

Could we say that the step taken by the school authority was too harsh, while Petrino was fully aware of the school's stand on any member of staff forming a romantic relationship with any of the student? It is clearly stated in the school's code of conduct on sexual related matters that there must be no any consensual romantic affair between any faculty and students of the faculty. This step is necessary in preventing manipulations of results and other inappropriate acts within the faculty. Also, this will preserve the integrity of the faculty.

In the school's Section 3.6 of the school's code of conduct, it is clearly stated that there would be appropriate charges of sexual harassment in case the school's authority get to know.

With all this, Bobby Petrino was totally told off by the authority; likewise many football fans in the University were really ashamed of the act. How could it stoop so low on him? Bobby was also alleged of paying a huge sum of $20,000 for the 25-year old Jessica.

Although the school has taken the decision, in his reaction to it, the school's athletic director Jeff Long defended Bobby against the charge of the illicit relationship. He claimed that Petrino had been into a relationship with Dorrell before she joined the staff. To him, Bobby Petrino has committed no offense for that, as the act is not against the policy of the school. However, Long condemned the act of Bobby to have hired Jessica Dorrell and yet not informing the authority about their relationship.

Nemesis wouldn't have caught up with Bobby, had it not been for the accident he had on April 1. While riding on his motorcycle with Dorrell on the back seat, the motorcycle crashed. Bobby sustained serious injury as he got four of his ribs broken. Although, Petrino did not disclose that he has any relationship with Jessica, the whole truth was later blown open. Both Petrino and his family also tried to do a cover up, but he later informed Long about the whole show.

Bobby, 51, who is a married man with four children, has now been dismissed by the authority for the offence of sexual harassment and lying. He has been denied of the supposed $18 million buyout of a contract, although Jessica Dorrell still remains on staff. Her salary is not affected. Bobby, after realizing his mistake, made steps to apologize to the authority for the uncouth act.

Democratic Party Director Resigns Over Sexual Harassment Issues

by Dr. Ari Novick July 29, 2012

The innumerable benefits of participating in online sexual harassment classes cannot be overemphasized. The fact that it saves you from public embarrassment is enough to make you enroll for one of these classes. Well, if you are yet convinced of the importance of these classes, let us share with you a very recent drama that occurred recently.

It's a story of an executive director who resigned from his hallowed position due to alleged sexual harassment scandal.

Jay Parmley, the executive director of the ruling party of the United States, got himself into a cluster of controversies as he was accused of sexually harassing an employee. Not only that, he went ahead to make a cover up for the whole scandal by secretly bribing the employee in order to sweep the whole scandal under the carpet.

This issue sniffed into limelight penultimate Friday within the party through internal party emails. The party also plans to take up the issue at Democratic conventions that are to be held in the county. The scandal should not have brought uproar within the party if not for the fact that it seems to be an impediment to the success of the party's present mission and agenda.

 This issue came up at the wake of the party's preparation and mobilization to bring President Barack Obama back to the White House coupled with the 2012 convention in Charlotte. Not only that, this is a time when the party is struggling to maintain the Governor's Mansion and also win a proposed bid to reaffirm the ban of same-sex marriage in the state. Indeed, this allegation against the executive director of this powerful party came in the wrong time.

Though, Parmley denied harassing his employee and also seek not to be a distraction to the party's agenda, so he decided to resign. Parmley leaving the party at this moment did little to making the issue clear to the party members. The party chairman did not also help the matter; he failed to address the bribery and nondisclosure agreement that Parmley had with his former employee when he complained of being sexually harassed. The former employee was fired, and nothing came out of the issue.

From various reactions that were observed from party executives and loyalties, people think Parmley did the right thing by resigning from being the executive director of the Party. Some also believe that there are more party members and executive that are involved in this shameful act. They opine that these people should also toll the path of Jay Parmley.

This is just one of the various cases of sexual harassment, which should not have occurred if sexual harassment classes were attended by the parties involved. In this case, the employee who was sexually harassed has been fired since November and the other party involved, the executive director of the party also resigned.

Ignorance of sexual harassment prevention tips has caused them their jobs. One thing that surprises people, taking sexual harassment classes is how easy the classes are to attend to. These classes are done at very flexible periods. You have the opportunity of choosing the best time for yourself. The fact that you are a party chairman, or a party executive, does not mean you can’t schedule a class for yourself; regardless of how tight your schedule may be. As the saying goes, ’what you are ignorant of will surely be your master’.

Why don’t you schedule an online sexual harassment class for yourself and your employees? This will save you a lot of money and frustration. A report of the above issue has been filed to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and if Parmley is found guilty of these allegations, he would have to pay through his nose to the employee irrespective of his resignation from the party.


Library of Congress and the Sexual Harassment

by Dr. Ari Novick July 28, 2012

For long, there has been an on-going sexual harassment claim within the Library of congress which recently took another dimension. An allegation of discrimination at work has been filed against John Mech, the boss of Peter TerVeer. TerVeer claims that Mech is somewhat sentimental about him as a gay. He told to the chairman of the Committee, Sen. Charles Schumer, that since his boss found out that he is a gay, the working environment has been harsh. He maintained that such sexual orientation should not be tolerated.

TerVeer who was employed as Library analyst in 2008 has received promotion twice between that time and 2009. According to him, he said that he noticed the atmosphere of the office to have changed since his boss had passed a discriminating comment on him about his sexual orientation. Things have not been running smoothly for TerVeer at the office. He claimed, that Mech came to know about his sexual orientation when he added his daughter as his Facebook friend.

As a Christian, Mech sees that homosexuality is the peak of immorality that can ever happen in a society. TerVeer claims that towards changing his orientation, Mech has sent him many messages about the unacceptability of homosexuality on various occasions. So to TerVeer, it is as if Mech is imposing his religious belief on him.

To corroborate his claims, Terveer presented some copies of the messages to the chairman, Schumer. Although Scuhmer promised to investigate further into the issue, much is still awaited from Mech. Since the allegation has been made, Mech has not said anything about the issue. However, he will be expected to say his side to prevent the greater evil of false accusation. There may be more on the issue than what has been presented.

TerVeer said that he had noticed the hostility in the office from late 2009 till 2010. As a result, he did not sign his review on annual performance for that year, claiming that the review lacked accurate display of his work. He strongly believed that the issue has been allowed to creep into the review; hence manipulated. Therefore, in 2011, he went on a voluntary, but unpaid leave from work. He stated that he needed to have a break from the work stress. To work under hostile environment could be dangerous for him psychologically. “TerVeer could not present any medical report from doctor for the extension of leave because he was financially incapacitated due to the unpaid leave”, his spokesperson said.

Reacting to this, a spokesman for the congress said, that the congress can not get involved in such matters. The library of Congress does not see to inter personal issue like that. However, as regards the discrimination at the workplace, then there is a fixed provision for that under the Title VII of the human Civil Right Act. He, therefore, said that appropriate measures should be taken regarding that, and anyone who feels to have a claim for related issues should report to the internal administrative for due processes. 

The Lawsuit between Deidre Dare and Allen & Overy

by Dr. Ari Novick July 8, 2012

When the issue of Deidre Dare with the ever vibrant law firm, Allen and Overy, was thrown open, much was said. No one could believe Deidre would be joyful at last. Notably, Allen and Overy firm is a member of the Magic Circle; hence this could be easily understood. To Deidre, there has been a general belief that no one can ever file a lawsuit against the high-powered firm successfully.

After her graduation from Colombia Law School, Deidre Dare was offered an office work by Allen and Overy Law firm. As an energetic and promising young graduate, Deidre had a nice start with the firm. She enjoyed every aspect of the firm until suddenly her appointment was terminated.

What could have caused such abrupt termination of work? A long story was compiled as regards this, but at the end, Deidre left some titillating fiction on the incidence. This created a more confusing atmosphere as it could not be understood if her experience in Russia has actually prompted that. Much was not clear then.

However, after the termination of her appointment, Deidre Dare, whose real name is Deidre Clark filed a lawsuit against her previous workplace, Allen & Overy, on different grounds in London, but the lawsuit was dismissed based on the jurisdictional grounds. With strong determination for justice, she went ahead and filed another lawsuit, this time in New York. She filed a lawsuit against Allen & Overy for wrongful termination of her appointment, sexual harassment, sexual discrimination and retaliation.

In an interview last year, when Clark was interrogated on the on-going lawsuit, she said she was very optimistic as she strongly believes that the New York would be judicial enough and make her smile at the end. She said all these things confidently, although not because she was a member of the New York bar, but because she really believed that New York would take jurisdiction.

When the final court decision was read out last week, it became obvious that Clark's move to New York was productive, although the claim against inappropriate termination of her appointment was dismissed. Giving the decision at the Supreme Court of New York, Justice Marcy S Friedman rejected the motion for the count on wrongful termination of appointment which was the third count. The Justice said the will to terminate Clark's employment is within the firm's legal power. However, Justice Freidman withheld other counts on sexual discrimination and harassment alongside the count for retaliation.

Reacting to this, a spokesperson for Allen & Overy expressed their utmost joy about the legal declaration that the termination of Clark's appointment was lawful and justifiable.

On her side, Clark also expressed joy (although, over expressed, according to Allen & Overy) that she won at last, at least for other withheld counts. To Clark, the withholding of the counts against sexual harassment and discrimination is worth celebrating. She threw a party for herself on the 'victory' as she believes it is very hard to have 'won' the case against the giant firm.

DOJ Steps in on Louisiana Dept. Of Public Safety and Corrections Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

by Dr. Ari Novick March 21, 2012

The Department of Justice filed a consent decree in the U.S. District Court of Louisiana. The form resolves sexual harassment allegations placed against the LDSPC, or Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections.

The LDSPC office administrator, Laura Arceneaux, was the victim of a sexually hostile work environment by her supervisor between the dates of May 2002 and December 2008. The harassment came to head with two separate attempts of sexual assault by her supervisor, the District Administrator Ferral Veillion.

The case has some added weight to the situation since four other employees have come forward claiming that they had full knowledge about the sexual harassment against her, but did nothing about it what so ever. The suit is also alleging that the LDSPC has no way of effectively reporting sexual harassment or assault when it needs to be confronted.

If the courts decide to accept the Justice Departments consent decree, the LDSPC will be required to create an effective method of reporting sexual harassment, as well as providing each employee and supervisor sexual harassment training. The certificate of completion from those classes is what will make all difference in any future sexual harassment cases. Finally, the decree would award Arceneaux with $50,000, including some other expenses incurred along the way.

The $50,000 award may seem small to some, especially after considering that she was victimized for 6 straight years. The fact that she didn't come out with the information sooner makes others wonder why she waited so long. In defense of her delayed actions, some would say that fear of losing a job that pays for a good way of life can be very strong. When physical sexual abuse happened, even she couldn't look the other way.

The Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division quoted the federal law that requires every employer to create and maintain a harassment free workplace. The Justice Department did take note of the LDSPC's new efforts to provide effective policies that would prevent harassment and give the proper amount of relief to the victim.

Many think that the filing of this decree shows the Civil Rights Division's ongoing mission to prosecute those who commit sexual harassment. The Civil Rights Division also does their best with the funding they receive to educate and inform the public, in order to prevent as much sexual crimes as possible.

The situation in the LDSPC could have been avoided altogether if the employees and supervisors would have been required to take a sexual harassment class as a part of their employment. It is true that the staff would have to take the class due to the lawsuit, but if the classes would have been taken earlier, then the $50,000 relief payments to the victim could have been avoided. That would have meant saving the money, the lawyer fees, the lost wages, and the lost productivity

It’s still undecided if the courts will accept the decree, but if they do it will be a quick and easy resolution to a complicated situation

Drug Use and Sexual Harassment Involving Foreign Minister at the Star Casino

by Dr. Ari Novick March 18, 2012

Drug Use and Sexual Harassment Involving Foreign Minister at the Star Casino

There have been recent evidence provided by investigative reporters on the local 7News that has suggested that drug use and sexual harassment claims by the staff are largely ignored by the Star Casino. As reported in Yahoo News, One foreign minister in particular was kicked out of the casino for sexually harassing behavior, but was allowed to return thereafter.

Staff employee and Casino Duty Manager, Elizabeth Ward, reported that the minister was sexually harassing the staff by making crude comments about his own genitals. The casino looks at customers as any casino does, with eyes of money. The minister is worth a lot of potential gambling profits and referrals to other high-powered friends. Because of that worth, the casino has been overlooking the unnamed ministers behavior.

There have been five separate internal reports claiming sexual harassment by the same minister, which have been closed up and denied by the casino. The foreign dignitary in question is officially recorded to have sexually harassed a staff member early in the morning on April 16th, 2011. The report involves a foreign politician that later rose to become a deputy prime minister.

The April 16th report claims the male foreign dignitary propositioned a male dealer for sex, then starting threatening the staff member while swearing and cursing. Even after this report was filed, the minister in question was allowed to return to the casino again and again, leading to further sexual harassment of the staff.

Some would say that the casino is looking after its best interest by allowing the famous dignitary to continue to visit the casino. Others, such as the staff, see this as a decline in the casino's practices and standards. The staff truly feels that the responsibilities the casino has towards its employees and other gamblers have been left aside for the good of short-term profit.

The local Casino Liquor and Gaming authority is inquiring about the rest of the reports, wanting the full reports with no details blackened out, which can happen. The interviews given to the local news channel, 7News, has also received requests from the Gaming Commission for copies of the interviews with staff and guests. The news interviews will be included in the official inquiry of the Casino's wrong doing, if any.

Some may say that sexual harassment has been blown out of proportion, while others say there is a larger call for education than ever before. In this case, if the dealers, and other staff, were to under go sexual harassment training, the continued harassment may not have gone on past the first couple of incidents. The staff would know what is sexual harassment and what isn't. The certificate of completion that each employee would receive upon completion of a harassment class would give the current harassment reports even firmer ground to stand on in a courtroom.

The staff, of course, isn't to blame for being sexually harassed; it's the manager’s responsibility to keep their employees safe from this type of behavior. When this does occur, it's the managers and Casino's job to ensure it never happens again, which the Star Casino have clearly failed to do.

Alabama Councilman Accused of Sexual Harassment

by Dr. Ari Novick March 15, 2012

In Anniston City, Alabama the Councilman David Dawson is being charged with sexual harassment from last year’s incident while he was working for a pathology company. Council Dawson is named in the suit along with the Regional Medicine Center and Tim Jones – a RMC employee.

The Anniston Star reports David Dawson is the only one being accused of committing sexual harassment, but the suit names the other two entities as being negligent in their work and duties to prevent sexual harassment on the job. Last week an Ashville resident, Kay Dodd, filed the lawsuit in the Calhoun County District Court.

Kay Dodd alleges that Dawson was the reason for a hostile work environment while he was employed at Anniston Pathology. She claims the hostile environment came to a climax when Dawson's sexual harassment turned into sexual assault last August.

Gregory Harp, Dodd's attorney, claims that Dodd did everything in her power to make the harassment stop. She made several attempts to get the situation reconciled by going to the principals. The result of her efforts, she claims, ended in even more harassment from Dawson.

Shortly after her complaints, Dawson actually resigned from his position, citing a disagreement between him and his employer of 30 years. When Dawson was contacted last Monday concerning the lawsuit, he claimed no knowledge of the suit.

Councilman Dawson did admit to knowing Ms. Dodd, but commented that he didn't threaten anyone's job, let alone Ms. Dodd's. Dawson refused to answer any other question about the pending lawsuit. He claims to never have been contacted about any sexual harassment claims and then pulled away to consult with his lawyer.

The partial owner of Anniston Pathology, Dr. Talbot, as well as the Chairman of RMC, Anthony Humphries, both declined to make a comment regarding the lawsuit. Humphries would only admit that he knew there was an ongoing lawsuit, but refused to comment further.

The lawsuit claims that Dawson was routinely making sexually charged jokes, discusses his sexual abilities in the bedroom, and to even hand out Christmas and holiday cards depicting sexual acts to Ms. Dodd and several other employees. The lawsuit goes on to claim that Dawson would threaten her job and express his abilities to control her job duties. One threat toward her job came during a company Christmas party. Dodd wanted to leave the Christmas function, but was forced to stay to protect her job.

In a more sexually charged incident on August 5, 2011, Dawson is accused of straddling Dodd’s chair and began licking and kissing her face. He then rubbed the crotch area of his pants against Ms. Dodd. The court filings are saying that Dawson has an ongoing reputation of harassing the females that worked for him and around him. The lawsuit goes onto claim that the RMC employee Tim Jones helped retaliate and intimidate Ms. Dodd.

The lawsuit claims that Tim Jones would harass Ms. Dodd about the sexual assault that was ongoing by David Dawson. Dodd is demanding compensation and punitive damages for the assault she suffered. She's not asking for a specific dollar amount and leaves that up to the juror’s best judgment during the trial.

Should Sexual Harassment be an Issue on Washington D.C. Metro?

by Dr. Ari Novick March 13, 2012

It's no secret that sexual harassment has been a growing problem at offices and other places of employment across the Untied States. Is there the same issue in public, such as Metro in D.C? The most common reason for sexual harassment in public places can be the misplaced compliment being termed as sexual harassment. It's public exposure to sexual harassment that is being addressed by a group called Collective Action. reports that Collective Action is going before the Washington D.C. City Council in the coming week to request that the city start a public broadcast awareness system on Metro. They plan on discussing the evidence of hundreds of letters from concerned citizens that have been sexually harassed while riding on the Metro system. Nearly 1/3 of those letters have been from incidences aboard the Metro busses and trains.

It's understandable to have some sexual harassment or random crime, but a full 1/3 of the complaints being centered on a single location is something the CA feels needs immediate attention. The CA has even named the platforms themselves as being a busy location for sexual harassment.

Holly Kearl is the CA spokeswoman, she claims that the group is aiming its guns towards real sexual harassment, not serious compliments. The sexual harassment acts they named include public masturbation, groping on packed busses and trains, as well as getting rubbed against on nearly empty trains. Sexually harassing comments still haven't escaped their crosshairs. They also feel that badgering people for dates and "sexual favors" is wrong all the same as a physical act of abuse or harassment.

The official city records shows that the Metro officers arrested 22 individuals for sexual harassment sexual crimes, including rape. The official records also document that there were another 41 sexually related assaults and over 40 cases of flashing and other non-violent acts.

Even though these numbers may seem large, the Metro claims the issue isn’t really an issue at all. There are over 340 million Metro trips every year and for less than a hundred sexual crimes a year, that makes the averages very low. The numbers do suggest this low average, but the Collective Action group argues that the incidents that don't get recorded are the ones they are worried about most.

There is some truth to what they worry about, such as the fact that Metro doesn't record verbal harassment on their official records. The CA also argues that the numbers are so low because the vast number of sexual harassment victims never reports the incident(s) they are involved in.

It's because of all this that the CA will show specific letters that they plan on showing to the Council. The CA is going to try to encourage the City Council to start a PSA campaign to rid Metro of the high number of sexual harassment crimes.  The other big question for City Council is the request for better sexual harassment training for Metro workers. Being able to identify a sex crime is just as important as preventing the sex crime itself. 


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