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The recent news about the exit of Bobby Petrino as the Arkansas coach could be described as horrible. Not that the step taken by the University of Arkansas was cruel, but the alleged action of the coach was totally uncalled for. Bobby was alleged of sexual harassment with one of the school staff Jessica Dorrell last week. After the school had fired the coach, he claimed not being guilty of the crime.

It is very unfortunate that the issue of sexual harassment is now rampant among high ranked personalities in the society. Not too long ago was a golfer being accused of sexual harassment with a waitress. Many other personalities like former presidents, evangelical preachers, and a lot of public figures were apprehended of this illicit affair.

During the recruitment of Arkansas for the post of athlete development coordinator, out of the 159 applicants who applied, Jessica Dorrell was the only one picked. Therefore, he made her closer to him as she became his student athlete development coordinator. It was then known recently that both Bobby Petrino and Dorrell are into a romantic affair.

Could we say that the step taken by the school authority was too harsh, while Petrino was fully aware of the school's stand on any member of staff forming a romantic relationship with any of the student? It is clearly stated in the school's code of conduct on sexual related matters that there must be no any consensual romantic affair between any faculty and students of the faculty. This step is necessary in preventing manipulations of results and other inappropriate acts within the faculty. Also, this will preserve the integrity of the faculty.

In the school's Section 3.6 of the school's code of conduct, it is clearly stated that there would be appropriate charges of sexual harassment in case the school's authority get to know.

With all this, Bobby Petrino was totally told off by the authority; likewise many football fans in the University were really ashamed of the act. How could it stoop so low on him? Bobby was also alleged of paying a huge sum of $20,000 for the 25-year old Jessica.

Although the school has taken the decision, in his reaction to it, the school's athletic director Jeff Long defended Bobby against the charge of the illicit relationship. He claimed that Petrino had been into a relationship with Dorrell before she joined the staff. To him, Bobby Petrino has committed no offense for that, as the act is not against the policy of the school. However, Long condemned the act of Bobby to have hired Jessica Dorrell and yet not informing the authority about their relationship.

Nemesis wouldn't have caught up with Bobby, had it not been for the accident he had on April 1. While riding on his motorcycle with Dorrell on the back seat, the motorcycle crashed. Bobby sustained serious injury as he got four of his ribs broken. Although, Petrino did not disclose that he has any relationship with Jessica, the whole truth was later blown open. Both Petrino and his family also tried to do a cover up, but he later informed Long about the whole show.

Bobby, 51, who is a married man with four children, has now been dismissed by the authority for the offence of sexual harassment and lying. He has been denied of the supposed $18 million buyout of a contract, although Jessica Dorrell still remains on staff. Her salary is not affected. Bobby, after realizing his mistake, made steps to apologize to the authority for the uncouth act.

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