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The officer accused of sexual harassment is Lt. Jason Margolis of the 103rd precinct. He is well known around the Queens area of New York for hitting on his female employees, even though he is currently married. One of the woman officers being sexually harassed filed a complaint with the NYPD HR department on November 8th, 2011. One of the female officers followed through with the complaint, informing her other supervisors. An internal investigation was held, and eventually concluded. This is where most sexual harassment cases would stop, but it didn't.

The same officer that filed the internal complaint reported that the sexual harassment continued, and now she is harassed and hazed at work on a daily basis. This form of retaliation is common when considering the "blue code of silence" that most police officers are accustomed to.

David Perecmen, the founder of the Perecmen law firm, stated, "Under New York state law, it is illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee who has reported sexual harassment in the workplace." The Perecmen Firm is one of New York's leading sexual harassment law firms and is not willing to back down on the charges filed.

None of that is good for Lt. Margolis or the NY police department, but the troubles were doubled when a second sexual harassment victim stepped forward. The second woman also claims that the same Lt. sexually harassed her. In many cases of sexual harassment, the victims feel ashamed, so much that they would rather hide their pain then step forward. When one victim has the courage to confront it, often times the other victims come forward and band together for the mutual support and comfort.

The best result for this case is changing sexual harassment policies and punishments. That is done in the hopes that the potential victims and perpetrators understand the consequences and the proper channels to follow, if sexual harassment does occur.

The two female officers claiming sexual harassment have chosen wisely in their lawyers. The Perecmen Firm has been representing New York civil right violations for the past 30 years, including countless sexual harassment charges. David Perecmen, the founder, has had decades of experience, including being the past Secretary and Treasurer of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, or the NYSTLA. He has also been distinguished as an honoree in the National Law Journals Hall of Fame for the NY magazines, "Best Lawyers in America," edition. He has also been named an honoree in the NY Times, "Super Lawyers Metro Edition," for three consecutive years, from 2007-2010.

There are a few simple steps the NYPD could have utilized to stop the problem before it got this far. The Lt. in question was known for flirting and sexually harassing his subordinates. If the station in question would have addressed the problem when it became apparent, then the two victims currently suing the precinct would have never occurred. Possible steps that could have been taken are sexual harassment classes, write-up's, and even suspension.

It would have put a bad mark on his record, but it could have saved the city from a costly lawsuit and a settlement of potential millions. If the 103rd precinct would have showed any real motivation to stop the harassment, then the case may have been dismissed. Sadly for the victims and the precinct, that didn't happen.

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