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When the issue of Deidre Dare with the ever vibrant law firm, Allen and Overy, was thrown open, much was said. No one could believe Deidre would be joyful at last. Notably, Allen and Overy firm is a member of the Magic Circle; hence this could be easily understood. To Deidre, there has been a general belief that no one can ever file a lawsuit against the high-powered firm successfully.

After her graduation from Colombia Law School, Deidre Dare was offered an office work by Allen and Overy Law firm. As an energetic and promising young graduate, Deidre had a nice start with the firm. She enjoyed every aspect of the firm until suddenly her appointment was terminated.

What could have caused such abrupt termination of work? A long story was compiled as regards this, but at the end, Deidre left some titillating fiction on the incidence. This created a more confusing atmosphere as it could not be understood if her experience in Russia has actually prompted that. Much was not clear then.

However, after the termination of her appointment, Deidre Dare, whose real name is Deidre Clark filed a lawsuit against her previous workplace, Allen & Overy, on different grounds in London, but the lawsuit was dismissed based on the jurisdictional grounds. With strong determination for justice, she went ahead and filed another lawsuit, this time in New York. She filed a lawsuit against Allen & Overy for wrongful termination of her appointment, sexual harassment, sexual discrimination and retaliation.

In an interview last year, when Clark was interrogated on the on-going lawsuit, she said she was very optimistic as she strongly believes that the New York would be judicial enough and make her smile at the end. She said all these things confidently, although not because she was a member of the New York bar, but because she really believed that New York would take jurisdiction.

When the final court decision was read out last week, it became obvious that Clark's move to New York was productive, although the claim against inappropriate termination of her appointment was dismissed. Giving the decision at the Supreme Court of New York, Justice Marcy S Friedman rejected the motion for the count on wrongful termination of appointment which was the third count. The Justice said the will to terminate Clark's employment is within the firm's legal power. However, Justice Freidman withheld other counts on sexual discrimination and harassment alongside the count for retaliation.

Reacting to this, a spokesperson for Allen & Overy expressed their utmost joy about the legal declaration that the termination of Clark's appointment was lawful and justifiable.

On her side, Clark also expressed joy (although, over expressed, according to Allen & Overy) that she won at last, at least for other withheld counts. To Clark, the withholding of the counts against sexual harassment and discrimination is worth celebrating. She threw a party for herself on the 'victory' as she believes it is very hard to have 'won' the case against the giant firm.

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