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The consequences of sexual harassment seem to come up again and again, but still people don't seem to learn. In this case  Cleve Bryant, Texas' associate athletics director for football operations and a former assistant under Longhorns football coach Mack Brown, was fired earlier this year after an internal investigation determined he sexually harassed a female administrative assistant over a two-year period.

In the university's investigation there was a complain filed by a football department staffer who graduated from the university a few years ago. She told investigators that Bryant pulled down her dress and fondled her breast after she asked about receiving a raise; that he repeatedly told her or sent text messages that he wanted to kiss her; and that he kissed her neck after blocking a doorway once, documents said. Two other women who work in the office allege that Bryant inappropriately kissed them in the past.

All these actions clearly are sexual harassment. Not just the sexual conduct but the tying of sexual favors for promotions, raises and other advancements. Cleve Bryant, who is married, denied the allegations but he was still fired. The woman settled the complaint with the university for unknown compensation.

Once again sexual harassment causes havvoc for the person accused, the accuser, the employer and most likely the families of those involved. Could a simple Texas sexual harassment training have avoided this situation not happen? Maybe or maybe not. But it certainly couldn't have hurt.

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