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Imagine your younger sister of age 10 returns from school with a squeezed face! On trying to interrogate her, you found out that she was sexually harassed by her class mate! How would you have felt? You would go wild? However, this is the piteous situation many teenagers, nay, minors find themselves today. The frequent reports of sexual harassment among the minors are now alarming especially among elementary students.  Recently, there was a report of a boy harassing two girls below 14 years of age in the Skyline Elementary School busin Oregon. This incidence happened in Portland, although the Portland Police Bureau has started investigation on it. Reacting to this, District spokesperson Matt Shelby said that a 7th grade male student inappropriately handled two 7th grade female students inside the school bus.

Many more of such ugly occurrences are being reported daily according to Sexual harassment comes in different forms among the pupils, it ranges from spanking, touching, pinching, to pressure for sex, asking for dates, and many more. Although girls are the most frequent victims of harassment, little of such case have been reported against boys also. This has been noticed to have adverse effect on these girls especially at school. They are usually haunted by the fear of the ugly incidence they have passed through. In a well study case, lack of commitment to school work has been noticed from some of the female victims; they find it difficult to perform their school works.

This unacceptable behaviour should be condemned in all ramifications. The evil effect should be conveyed to the students especially to the bulling boys. This is majorly the work of the school administrators; they should call for a sexual harassment policy which will see to this undisciplined attitude. Copies of the policy should be posted in schools and shared among both parents and student.  And clear distinction should be made and spelt out about the acceptable code of conduct among pupils. It is very important to be stated that it is the right of every students to learn in a harassment-free environment.

It is important to also state that the parents and guidance have their roles to playing in enmeshing these unpleasant attitudes to their children and wards. Good parental care is an effective measure to curb this especially parental care that deals with electronic gadgets. Often, these harassers learn most of their method from these modern technological advancement tools. They learn new technics of harassing every day especially on the internet; hence they would want to practise that on these innocent little damsels at school. At a glimpse of any such act, parents should make urgent report to the security agent to protect their daughters just as the parents of the harassed pupils of Skyline Elementary School did.

Also, towards an effective way of arresting this bane of the society, online class would go a long way. Solution often lies in the causative agent of a problem. if these kids learn bad attitudes from the internet, the girls could as well learn preventive measures against falling prey to the hands of this morally-decayed boys.

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