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In recent times, sexual misconduct has been a great menace to the society. Hardly could you point to any quarter of the society but you will find various scenes of sexual harassment. It happens among the minors, teenagers, university students and full-fledged adult. Although, there is increase in reported cases of sexual abuse among the young; a reliable study on various sexual misconducts shows that incidents of sexual assault are more rampant among college and university students than any other group.

In recent university surveys according to Yale Daily News, one out of every four female students has reported that they had experienced incidents of sexual assault. Earlier this year in Yale University in New Haven Connecticut, various reports of such dastard acts were addressed by the school's police department and other committees were set up to such effect. However, this blog entry is to enlighten you on the topic and the possible ways to escape being a victim.

Firstly, sexual assault among college students generally occurs in two forms; rape and indecent assault and battery. Usually, the aim for sexual misconduct is to have canal knowledge of the victim, which in case of rape, the sexual intercourse is under compulsion. And when that could not be accomplished, it results in indecent assault and battery. Seldom it maybe, however, battery may not be accomplished with the intention of sex, but rather, an embarrassment to and molestation of the victim. Despite that rape and attempted rape are both punishable under the law, the occurrences are still alarming.

The leading causes of sexual assault are influence of drugs and alcohol and pornography sensations. Many of the reported sexual misconduct cases in which the victims know their assailants were said to be under the influence of drug or alcohol. Among other factors contributing to this is excessive exposure of sensational parts of the ladies' body which in turn leads to temptation for the males. Reacting to what they see, many men result to sexual assault.

When a problem and its source are identified, then it becomes easier to propose solution to it. Taking to this effect, many universities have set up various security committees saddled with cases relating to sexual misconduct among the students. Several cases have been reported and attended to, although various reviews are still underway. To ease the job of these committees, strict policies could be made against sexual abuses and copies of it shared among the students and posted around the campuses.

 However, the first and most effective way to arrest further occurrences, or at least to keep it to the minimal, is a general awareness campaign among the students against the act. The vulnerable students should be made familiar with various ways and tricks which the culprits use to get them trapped. When the students know the various ways that lead to assault, the problem becomes easier to be managed. And importantly, with the present advancement in technology especially in cyber-world, the awareness program could be effectively done online. Online awareness classes about ways of escaping sexual harassment are on-going and have been efficacious so far.

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