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Last Wednesday members of the House Ethics Committee reviewed the details of a sexual harassment case. The big problem with this case is that the charge was against a member of the Helsinki committee, Alcee Hastings. Hastings is a one-time chairman of the Helsinki Committee, and currently the top Democrat on the committee. The committee, which he chaired, is supposed to ensure fundamental and civil rights for all agreeing countries.

Hastings has been a member of Congress for ten full-terms for the citizens of the Fort Lauderdale area of Southern Florida. The accusations were first heard from a staff member of the Ethic Committee, namely a female worker, Winsome Packer.

The cases filed against Hastings are currently being investigated. The Ethics Committee is taking a long look at an incident that occurred in a hotel lobby. He was witnessed and documented as throwing an angered fit about what his physical wants were with her.

Winsome Packer reported to the committee that she was told by Hasting that it wasn't a sport to him. The initial report filed by the committee states, Hasting then began to complain even more about how she didn't enjoy his company or actions. Another severe incident that has caught special attention is a drunken rant that the Congressman pulled. In a drunken state, Congressman Hastings is accused of committing sexual harassment when he kept asking Packer to come back to his room.

The report also shows several other instances where the Congressman gave Packer some very long and uncomfortable hugs. In one incident in particular, Hastings was seen in Vienna giving Packer a hug and pressing his face against her.

Hastings has come forward to defend himself. In many cases, the best thing to do is to not say a word. Hastings has stepped forward with a response to these allegations. He strongly believes the sexual harassment charges filed against him by Winsome Packer are being used as a tool. Packer is due to publish a book, and he believes that this act is meant to help promote that book.

Hastings strongly and openly denies any truth to the allegations pressed on him. He stated his character is too strong to commit such an act that could interfere with his on-going career.

The Ethics Committee’s investigation has broke open several sexual harassment cases in the past. Congressman Hastings and all but one member of his staff have agreed to fully cooperate with the ongoing inquiry.

In the past, cases of sexual harassment involving Congress were a rare event. In current days, it has turned into something that people simply scoff at, then move on like it’s an every day thing. It seems that the country and the Congress has become far too accustomed with the sexualization of our society. When that goes to far, people suffer, all people.

These events can be easily avoided by instituting regular sexual harassment training courses. Sexual harassment courses should be done every year, if not every six months. The cost of online classes can be quite affordable. That makes it easy for Congressmen and their staff members to pay for it out of their own pocket, not the taxpayers!


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