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Drug Use and Sexual Harassment Involving Foreign Minister at the Star Casino

There have been recent evidence provided by investigative reporters on the local 7News that has suggested that drug use and sexual harassment claims by the staff are largely ignored by the Star Casino. As reported in Yahoo News, One foreign minister in particular was kicked out of the casino for sexually harassing behavior, but was allowed to return thereafter.

Staff employee and Casino Duty Manager, Elizabeth Ward, reported that the minister was sexually harassing the staff by making crude comments about his own genitals. The casino looks at customers as any casino does, with eyes of money. The minister is worth a lot of potential gambling profits and referrals to other high-powered friends. Because of that worth, the casino has been overlooking the unnamed ministers behavior.

There have been five separate internal reports claiming sexual harassment by the same minister, which have been closed up and denied by the casino. The foreign dignitary in question is officially recorded to have sexually harassed a staff member early in the morning on April 16th, 2011. The report involves a foreign politician that later rose to become a deputy prime minister.

The April 16th report claims the male foreign dignitary propositioned a male dealer for sex, then starting threatening the staff member while swearing and cursing. Even after this report was filed, the minister in question was allowed to return to the casino again and again, leading to further sexual harassment of the staff.

Some would say that the casino is looking after its best interest by allowing the famous dignitary to continue to visit the casino. Others, such as the staff, see this as a decline in the casino's practices and standards. The staff truly feels that the responsibilities the casino has towards its employees and other gamblers have been left aside for the good of short-term profit.

The local Casino Liquor and Gaming authority is inquiring about the rest of the reports, wanting the full reports with no details blackened out, which can happen. The interviews given to the local news channel, 7News, has also received requests from the Gaming Commission for copies of the interviews with staff and guests. The news interviews will be included in the official inquiry of the Casino's wrong doing, if any.

Some may say that sexual harassment has been blown out of proportion, while others say there is a larger call for education than ever before. In this case, if the dealers, and other staff, were to under go sexual harassment training, the continued harassment may not have gone on past the first couple of incidents. The staff would know what is sexual harassment and what isn't. The certificate of completion that each employee would receive upon completion of a harassment class would give the current harassment reports even firmer ground to stand on in a courtroom.

The staff, of course, isn't to blame for being sexually harassed; it's the manager’s responsibility to keep their employees safe from this type of behavior. When this does occur, it's the managers and Casino's job to ensure it never happens again, which the Star Casino have clearly failed to do.

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