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A month ago, an unnamed 7 year old Boston boy was allegedly being attacked and choked with his own pair of gloves by another child, while riding the bus to school. According to the report, the child being attacked was able to kick his under-aged attacker in the groin. The attack victim has since be charged with sexual harassment.

When a robber tries to mug you in the street, you have the choice to give your him your cash and goods or try to fight him off. The same can be said for in-store robberies. So, when considering a child being beaten up by a bully on a local school bus, you'd think the child has the right to defend himself, but he doesn't he? Not according to the Boston police department. And, according to them, it's even sexual harassment because of the place where the kick landed.

Tasha Lynch, the boy's mother, said she couldn't believe that her little boy was being charged with sexual harassment for protecting himself from being beaten. The school officials told her during the call, “Your son kicked another little boy in the testicles. We call that sexual harassment.” A few days later, she got an official notice that her son was going to be suspended and transferred to another near-by school.

It seems that a punishment for fighting may have been the proper course of action, but they have opted for trying to turn a 7 year old boy into a sexual offender. Many have called this a serious case of filing a false police report, and others think it's just a simple social correctness issue gone crazy. Most fights simply cause the attacker and defender to stop riding the bus for a determines amount of time. But in todays society of political correctness, it has turned event he youngest and most innocent of the crime into sexual criminals. 

When two young boys get into a fight, which one is losing is going to go for the most painful hit they can make. Every boy, no matter if they are 5 or 55, knows that it hurt really bad to land a punch in that area. Just because a groin is struck doesn't mean there is any sexual intent in the action. The violent kick to the groin is more like physical assault rather than sexual harassment.

The school that suspended and transferred the young boy refused to comment on specifics, but they did say there is a full and current internal investigation into the incident. Many believe that when the situation is handled, it will be left to “boys being boys.” Yes, they should be punished, but not accused, arrested, and charged with sexual harassment.

There's no reason why a child of 7 years old should get charged with sexual harassment, especially under these circumstances. To fix these problems, there is a couple simple steps they can take to simplify things. They are more indirect ways, but improvements none-the-less. By putting camera's in the school buses they will have a first hand account of what happens. Listening to witnesses, along with common sense, over the political rhetoric and over thinking a simple situation. If there had been a video present in the bus, it cold be easily reviewed before any action is taken. 

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