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Amanda Knox the U.S. girl who was recently released from an Italian prison after being acquitted on murder chargers and said they she was sexual harassed while being incarcerated there. She claimed that an administrator ordered her into her office at night to talk soley about sex. She also said that she was harassed by female inmates.

The harassment only stopped after complaints from her attorney. "I know that in the case of the female prisoners who harassed Amanda Knox sexually that it didn't go to the limit," she says. "In other words, gradually, Amanda Knox learned how to fend off unwanted advances from female prisoners."

Not it may not be surprising that sexual harassment isn't just a product of the U.S. workplace. It happens outside the U.S. and outside the workplace. But fortunately as an American citizen we have the laws to protect us if we're a U.S. worker. Maybe Italy treats sexual harassment differently, who knows. But perhaps those prison guards could do with a little sexual harassment training.

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