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Is Teasing Sexual Harassment?

An article in the New York Times talks about "In Defense of Teasing". It discusses how teasing has been all but eliminated from schools because of the new "zero tolerance" movements in our schools. Both children and teachers' behavior is very highly scrutinized.

The language of teasing is an integral part of our culture and the elimination of teasing is extremely difficult. The risk of being sued faced by schools and after school programs make them paranoid of anything that crosses the line over to sexual harassment. Teasing also exists in the work environment, but where does it cross the line? When does somebody feel some uncomfortable that they would meet the criteria for being sexual harassed.

In all these situations, some form of sexual harassment training is beneficial. You can't necessarily train children, but you can train their teachers and even their parents. Just like in a work environment, if people know where the line is, they are less likely to cross it.

Read the New York Times Article on Teasing here.
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