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Sexual Harassment cases cost corporations hundreds of millions of dollars in legal fees and lost revenue every year. Providing a comprehensive online sexual harassment training to your employees will increase appropriate workplace conduct and reduce your company’s liability.

The AJ Novick Group offers this highly comprehensive sexual harassment class as an online solution to discriminatory harassment in the workplace. It will also bring your organization into compliance with state laws, such as California's sexual harassment training requirement, AB 1825 and AB 2053.

AB 1825 requires that employers of 50 of more employees train supervisors on sexual harassment every two years. Sexual Harassment Class uses state of the art technology to cost effectively deliver our training to your employees.

Expected Time to Complete: Our standard course has been designed for the average user to be completed in 2 hours. New employees or those with novice computer skills may require some additional time.

Corporate Program

We offer corporate sexual harassment training where a company can purchase a discounted package of trainings. Each employee’s training can be managed and monitored by management or human resources. Employees take their individual class at their own pace. Available in both English and Spanish.

Lesson Objectives/Learning Outcomes:

  • Sensitize supervisors about discriminatory harassment and their critical role.
  • Reinforce that supervisors are responsible for identifying and helping to prevent discriminatory harassment in the workplace.
  • Encourage workplace respect and courtesy. Supervisors must act as role-models which will improve productivity
  • Create a workplace environment where potential victims of discriminatory harassment can discuss their concerns without legal retaliation.

AB 1825 Compliance

This course complies with AB 1825 rules:

  • Two hours long
  • Effective and interactive
  • Explain prohibitions against and the prevention and correction of sexual harassment
  • Provide information and practical guidance to participants of the course
  • Cover relevant federal and state laws
  • Helps create a greater awareness for supervisors and employees so that they will be able to better understand the consequences of their actions
  • Include practical examples to instruct supervisors in the prevention of workplace harassment, discrimination and retaliation; and describe remedies available to victims of sexual harassment.
  • Obligate supervisors to identify potential problems and follow the discriminatory harassment policy
  • Maintain effective communication emphasizing that an individual’s words may be received differently depending on the listener's perspective
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Why Online Training?

Often it is difficult to find quality sexual harassment training that meets state and federal laws; is enjoyable for participants; and cost effective for your company.

The AJ Novick Group offers the most innovative online sexual harassment training available on the internet for both large and small corporations. All classes are AB 1825 compliant and can be taken from any internet based computer.

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Detailed Pricing

Online Class Includes

  • Detailed instructions
  • AB 1825 compliant training
  • AB 2053 compliant training
  • Comprehensive interactive course
  • Online tracking of progress & status
  • Free Certificate of Completion
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Cost effective pricing for large and small companies
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • $45.00 for a single class.
    As low as $19.50 per class with multi-class discount
  • Fast registration with credit card
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